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WARNING unfortunately circulate impostors posing as partners, collaborators or photographers of agencies linked to the brand GIO MONTE MODELS, Italy it is a brand of the company Mind of Model Ltd in Milan. If you receive proposals from anyone who is wary of those who use our name and inform us immediately at, we will take all necessary action in accordance with the law.

WARNING Beware of those who in the name of a possible career in fashion, ask you for money in advance to take photos, composites. photobooks or training courses

To join the Agency you MUST NOT PAY ABSOLUTELY. If you have the necessary characteristics to make the model, we will invest by making the necessary material and guiding you step by step in the performance of one of the most beautiful professions in the world.

WARNING you categorically reject any offer from those who propose

the possibility of undertaking this profession in exchange for money. especially when they offer you courses of catwalk and your stature is less than those indicated in the table below or worse when they propose the creation of a paid photo book or acting courses to enter the world of film and TV In addition to the physical characteristics that must be mandatory, the model requires a precise "form mentis" and that is why it is not a job that everyone can perform

If you meet the requirements in the table you can apply to the form to the APPLY link, recommending that we attach photos especially in the polaroid (natural) style, which portray the face and the whole figure well (no professional photos are needed).

TRUST our 30-year experience and professional judgment. If your characteristics are the right ones, in our interest, we will give you the opportunity to learn the modeling craft by asking you in return for commitment, seriousness and respect


Minimum height 5'8.5'/5'9"
size 6/8
max age 21


Minimum height 6'00'/6'05'
size 38/40
max age 23


Minimum height 5'9"
size 12/16
max age 22